Bikes Hill

A thrilling adventure into the mountains! Race with other bikers on this hilly ride! Fly and touch the sky! Time your movement by holding and releasing at the right time.

Published by Voodoo

๐Ÿš€ Reached #1 US App Store

Police Runner

You’re being chased. How long can you last?

Avoid police cars and armored tanks while mastering your near-miss and close-call skills and enjoy an epic revenge sensation!

Published by Ketchapp

๐Ÿš€ Reached #1 US App Store

Rope vs Ball

Go wild! Use your skills to bounce a ball on a rope with a simple swipe!

Reach the sky and shoot your ball across the finish line in this amazing journey through breathtaking landscapes!

Published by Voodoo


Pixel Drifters

Get in the driver’s seat and drift your way around a variety of obstacles and tight corners. Collect coins, earn combos, complete missions, and unlock the entire fleet of Pixel Drifters!

๐Ÿš€ Worldwide Feature by Apple “Must Play Game”ย 

๐Ÿš€ Reached #1 US App Store

Escape: Close Call

Escape: Close Call is an adrenaline-pumping driving game which rewards near crashes with style points, encouraging risk and thrill seeking.

Available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PC (Steam) and Mac!

๐Ÿš€ย Apple Feature “Game of the Day”

๐Ÿš€ย IMG Award “Best Upcoming Game”

๐Ÿš€ย #1 on Steam Greenlight

Human Can Fly

Human can fly! An addictive and satisfying experience which allows you to reach the skies using your own wings!

Published by Voodoo

Pixel Drifters: Nitro

Get in the driver’s seat and drift your way around variety of obstacles, AI-driven police chases and tight corners. Play in a single player or multiplayer mode against real people in crazy fun modes; racing and coin collection!

Published by Cheetah Games


A thrill-ride! Bungee jumping has never been any more satisfying! Jump from a satellite to pick your buddies and throw them into the pool! All you need to do is be skillful with ropes and know when to jump and when to throw!

Published by Voodoo

Car vs Train

Make your way through beautiful terrains filled with trains and other cars!

Published by Voodoo

Desert Zombies

An epic survival journey, Desert Zombies, a non-stop action shooter. You fight hordes of Zombies, use tens of weapons, fortify your bases, and arm your teams to defend your grounds.

๐Ÿš€ Featured Worldwide by Apple

DCR: Drift Crash Repeat

DCR: Drive.Crash.Repeat is a retro style, ludicrous auto-forward driving game with an amazing twist, and absolutely no brakes! Drive your way through tens of handcrafted levels (to the extent that each level has its own name), across different atmospheric worlds!

๐Ÿš€ย #1 on Steam Greenlight

Bead Stacks!

Stack beads and send them to their final destination! A challenging yet satisfying experience!

Traffic Leap

Traffic? No problem! Just leap over by stringing consecutive car bumps, flying over at supersonic speeds!

Deliver Us

Can you deliver? You are a young lady driving a truck, tasked with the delivery of furniture! Are you up to the task?

Ever wanted to participate in a bicycle marathon? This is your chance to enjoy a clumsy and fun ride!

Bikes Chain

Ride a bike through an amazing path, in a journey to the unknown! Collect other bikes to keep company. Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery in a once of a lifetime experience.

Roll Paint

Roll your way to the sky! Paint like you’ve never done before. Assume the role of a painter equipped only with a trampoline and his wits, jump high and low, roll your way to greatness in this mesmerizing experience!

Royal Pool

Take turns to get the opponent’s balls into the holes, before you run out of them!

Bullet Stack

Stack bullets and shoot your way through this amazing adventure! Unleash the beast in you and wreck havoc while trying make way to the finish line.

Falling Princess

Help this princess reach the prince by tapping your way through the tumbling tower. An amazing and unforgettable journey of love and balance.

Scoop Rush

Scoop your way to greatness! Indulge in the most satisfying experience you may ever encounter on a mobile device! Tap and release, scoop and process. An endless loop of fulfillment and satisfaction! Are you ready?

Human vs Human

You’ve been weighed, you’ve been measured and you’ve been found wanting! Or maybe not? That’s up to you. Rewrite your fortunes and rank up through the many leagues.

Draw Rush

Color beautiful drawings in a soothing way! Avoid the red dots and satisfy your senses!


Bounce over trampolines to reach the finish line! Miss one and you are gone! Not forever though, as you will be immortalized into a cloud.

Jet Hop

One man’s journey through an atmospheric planetary adventure, equipped only with their wits and a bi-directional jet! An experience that will take you places, literally.

Arrow Racers

Aim and throw arrows at targets! Enjoy great environments and a thrilling experience! All you need is to aim and shoot to win!

Tiny People 3D

Shoot balls into colored blocks and save the tiny people of roof tops! Enjoy your journey as it unfolds through a colorful confined space that takes you to the moon and back!

Toss Dat

Toss dat paper into the bin! Indulge in that satisfying sensation when you finally manage to slam dunk the wrinkly piece of paper into the bin like a pro!

Eat 'Em All

Race to the finish line! Stack up and make your way through an obstacle laden course while avoid your opponents!

Fly Away 3D

Fly away … Fly away! Is a surreal experience which takes you through the skies in an unforgettable flight where the sky is no longer a limit! Maneuver through gigantic objects in the sky, hop through energy hoops to gain the ultimate boost and bend the physics of your world!

Five Changes

Five changes is classic redefined! An animated and interactive spot the difference game! Endless hours of fun, great scenes that will challenge your skill and concentration, in 3D!

Trains Run 3D

Can you drive a train a cross a forest of tracks? Enjoy a thrilling almost-like-a-roller-coster ride with a train and your wits of avoiding other trains and obstacles!

Terra Drift

Terraform planets by drifting! Turn them from desolate to prosperous, from bleak to lively, from red to green! Become the interplanetary farmer you were destined to be, transforming the entire galaxy into habitable space. Watch each planet’s biosphere gradually convert into green with blue skies. Our future depends on it!


A thrilling cubic ride! Stack up and stay balanced! Swipe left and right to collect your cubes and reach the finish line with the highest possible for a thrilling ride!

Knock Knock 3D!

A heartwarming puzzle game where you need to use your wits and your balls to knock down structures and make way for the hole in ground! A minimalistic and addictive experience that will leave you wanted for more.

Tower Knock!

Knock down the blocks while maintaining the balance of objects at the top! Simply tap to shoot balls and destroy blocks!

Balls Salad

Attract the magnetized hexagons and roll them down to safety! A challenging yet fun experience in collecting then dumbing these little creature-like objects.

Tap Block 3D

You are a penguin trying to make its way to the igloo! Tap to build blocks and avoid obstacles in this fun adventure!

Downhill Roll

Downhill roll is a soothing and joyful experience, where you control the roads to roll a ball through the sky! Try not fall, like most do … play easy and win, go crazy and enjoy the experience!

Flash Dash 3D

Dashing with style! Flash into your targets and show them who is the boss! An amazing journey riddled with twisted paths! Your wit and intelligence, along with your sharpened dagger is your key to advance levels!

And there is a LOT more! But we got too tired adding them here! Will do soon!