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9 December, 2015

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Mr. Know it All, a game that challenges the limits of your concentration! Test yourself against more than three thousand "no-brainer" questions spread across tens of classifications in more than 50 levels! Enjoy thousands of witty comments that make you laugh and rage in case you get one wrong! What's difficult in answering obvious questions is how easily you can question your preconceptions! Play to find out how difficult it is to maintain a steady level of concentration while answering ten, twenty, or even one hundred questions in quick succession, and figure out what your concentration limit is. Answer quickly to get three stars, use powers to slow down time, or even change the question currently displayed. Mr. Know it All is your chance to challenge friends on Facebook and show them if you really are a Mr. Know it All! Play now for the chance to enjoy hours of fun and laughter!



  • Original idea and concept!
  • Thousands of questions and witty comments!
  • Different game modes!
  • 27+ Amazing characters shop!
  • For the first time! Play as Mr. or Mrs. Know It All!
  • Tens of levels!
  • Localized to English and Turkish!
  • Leaderboards to compare times and scores with friends or globally!


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Trailer (Turkish) Vimeo


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best of November, Mr. Know It All" App Store, November, 2015
  • "Best of 2015, Mr. Know It All" - App Store, Janurary, 2016

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13th International Mobile Gaming Awards Global Nominations Announced
Mr. Know It All nominated for the 13th IMGA Global Awards gamasutra.com.

About Tarboosh Games

Tarboosh Games is an independent game studio based in EMEA. It is founded by a group of passionate gamers striving to make a grand entrance into the gaming scene. Tarboosh Games team comes from different cultures and backgrounds with years of credible experience in mobile and PC game development.

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Tarboosh Games

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